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The preppy fashion style conquers the girls’ hearts by its freshness, charm, and a hint of classicism.

The preppy style is a fashion style that is a bit school-oriented, giving the wearer an elegance, elegance, and youthfulness. You may not know, this style has a long history, which was only for high-class girls before it became a trend and is widely loved today.


Easy Bake Coven Shirt
Easy Bake Coven Shirt

The term “preppy” originates from the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950), is another way of saying “preparatory school”, which refers to preparatory schools, but only a group of rich children attended before entering university. This was the era of oxford shirts, Easy Bake Coven Shirt, sweaters, and shoes. In the 1930s, we witnessed the dense appearance of denim in the wardrobes of young women. The baggy clothes and clothes also started to become a trend during this time.

In 1980, the Preppy Handbook was officially released. With its original intention of sarcasm of the elite’s preppy culture, this book, instead, has inspired thousands of people to approach the style. From here, preppy is no longer just a living attitude, but becoming a fashion trend.

To this day, preppy is still considered a classic fashion style. Because it is inspired by the uniforms Easy Bake Coven Shirt of the elite of the 20th century, the modern preppy style still retains its elegance and elegance with bow-tie shirts, checkered skirts, blazers …


This is the outfit that is most reminiscent of the school style. The outfit includes a blazer with a neat, sophisticated design and a short skirt on the pillow. The preppy outfit often has a checkered pattern, reminiscent of Cher’s famous school outfit in the 1995 film Clueless.

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