Dallas Cowboys High Heels Shirt

I'm not even sure because guess what I've never been in one, and sci-fi movies lie as well as your own personal expectations of how your mind tells you they "should" move. never been that easy to move they're under constant pressure inside. It isn't what you think. Dallas Cowboys High Heels...

San Francisco 49ers High Heels Shirt

The guys pulling strings glitches in some of this films. All happening in a rotating environment around the earth, which rotates around the sun at a higher speed rate as the whole rotating galaxy spins around who knows what, where, how fast at that point, yet these astronauts fall and bounce...

Cincinnati Bengals High Heels Shirt

To all of you who believe this is fake, I want you to explain every aspect of this. The Lighting, the Rocket (that launched), the Lack of Gravity. It’s naive to think that powerful people won’t manipulate you to benefit themselves. They say they need funding for space programs which costs...

New Orleans Saints High Heels shirt

David Hamrick the original tapes were erased and this is significant because what was shown on TV during the event was TV stations recording what was being projected onto the screen at NASA... The public has never seen direct footage of the event. Jason Howard, New Orleans Saints High Heels shirt...

Philadelphia Eagles High Heels shirt

David Hamrick, They spent millions on videos! Yet went to the moon in 60’s technology, through the Van Allen belts, and with no radiation poisoning or cancer. Please. They freely admit we don't have the technology now to leave low earth orbit. Philadelphia Eagles High Heels shirt. Half of what you see of...

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