“Koala Tea” puns shirt

Never thought about inertia being correlated to mass not weight as I knew it, but didn't think of the implications. They are not being able to stand easily after falling I simply because they don't have enough normal reaction to help them. Please correct me if I am wrong. "Koala Tea" puns...

Dinosaur FA RAWR RAWR Christmas Shirt

I would be terrified of ripping or puncturing my suit on some of those rocks he spoke of. Seems they are not too concerned with that....one must wonder why? Dinosaur FA RAWR RAWR Christmas Shirt. Usually, we carry heavy bags at our back we tend to bend a bit forward. But for...

Milwaukee Brewers Fear the beer Shirt

So where do all those rockets go when they launch from, watched by hundreds of people sitting and standing at every launch, hundreds of eyewitnesses, since the? Milwaukee Brewers Fear the beer Shirt. They kept falling because whoever was appointed to pull up and down on the body harness cables was either...

Forget candy just give me books Shirt

I'd be horrified of falling, having a cable of the suit caught on something and becoming unplugged. I'm sure NASA thought around this and made it so it's hard to rip or disconnect anything from the suit, but I'd be hyper-paranoid. I think it's real, wish they had a program for...

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