Snoopy Winter Wonderland Shirt

Christina Johnson Jesus-fucking-run-on-sentences. Fix your fuckin grammar before you come to type a novel, misspell multiple words, and make yourself look like an absolute fucking jackass. Snoopy Winter Wonderland Shirt. I just started getting the ads. I had seen people complain about them for months and months before I started seeing...

Freddie John Brian Roger face shirt

These animals of been bread for over 50+ years are in there it’s not been a wolf times dog pairing since the early 2000s and as I stated in my original comment content of the animal is partially what basis their personality and characteristics most of the time. Freddie John...

Warriors Clans Shirt

Mardy-Nancy Teigland. I have the honor of having one as my best friend, His name is Zook, He is 90 pound, Pit Bull. I also trained him. Got him at 3 months, full of mange and now 4 years old. Warriors Clans Shirt. Most attacks on children from wolfdogs(or usually any...

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