Bros Talking Soccer Shirt

The owners must be stuffing them like the Bros Talking Soccer Shirt Christmas goose, and not allowing them to exercise. Makes me wonder what the owners look like. So fat his tail is abnormally shifted to the side & gets winded with a jog to the fence & back. He's...

Flamingos Happy Hallowine Shirt

Other dog had a Flamingos Happy Hallowine Shirt condition as well…when the 2 were playing and she was knocked over and struggled to get up made me. That's not normal behavior for a dog? He probably had some type of neurological problem in his brain. you should get it looked...

Hawkins Demodogs Shirt

I agree with all of the Hawkins Demodogs Shirt as obviously this dog has skin problems, my dog, on the other hand, wipes her face clean on the carpet after eating. I know him! He has numerous problems and fine and takes meds. Stop judging and just enjoy the video....

I can’t ADL today #OTlife shirt

Hate to say this cause you're I can't ADL today #OTlife shirt is so gorgeous but they need to lose some weight. That's part of his lack of coordination but it's also bad on their hearts. Cute puppy, but I think they need to be checked out for itchy skin....

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